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Organic Food Club. Personal Organic Gardener.

Membership in the Organic Food Club (OFC) provides the following:

  • All supplies from certified organic sources (seeds, compost, etc.).
  • All labor provided for annual and seasonal cultivating, planting, maintenance and harvesting at our locations.
  • Shared and personal garden space in Highland Park or Lake Zurich OFC garden.
  • All of our OFC produce and other goods are at affordable member prices.

  • Year-round availability of lettuce, spinach, arugula, sprouts and micro-greens on a pre-order basis from our Lake Zurich USDA Certified Organic greenhouse location .
  • Outdoor organically grown produce available June through October / November from our gardens in Highland Park and Lake Zurich. Seedlings generally get started in January through April .
  • All members requesting special growing are entitled to first right of refusal at harvest time. Every reasonable effort to contact the purchasing member will be made at harvest before the produce is sold to another member.
  • Custom selections and personal choice of what plants to be grown and purchased are benefits of both annual and lifetime members. You can  choose organic seed packs, or pick from our seasonally forecasted planted varieties in the main garden. This enables a member vast options to enjoy organic veggies each season. Weekly updates via our website during the growing season will be available or feel free to contact us directly.
  • Members can also learn to garden, shop, and eat organically and affordably. 

Disclaimer:We will do our best to select only the finest and freshest organic seeds and grow from planting to harvest. However, while we take every reasonable precaution to protect our gardens, we cannot be responsible for crop and harvest loss due to forces beyond our control, including extreme weather and the natural variations of the growing season.

lets you buy premium organic foods online.

  • Preordering of  organic & natural grocery and sustainable products.
  • A customized order form will be created once each member submits an order. (Click to learn more)
  • Only  minimal orders of 1/2 cases to full cases  accepted. Guidance and information on how to order will be provided, if necessary.
  • Competitive and affordable OFBC pricing will be the objective.
  • First week of each month will be the ordering sequence and our greenhouse location, 23520 Old McHenry Rd., Lake Zurich, IL, 60047.   
  • OFBC does not have employees instead we have a bartering employment concept. Each hour a member works they will receive a 1% discount off of their purchase. 20 hours per order is our limit (20% discount). 
  • Our community service volunteer program with local schools or organizations enables a volunteer a learning experience and a 1% discount, depending upon the hours worked, as well. 
  • We are flexible to have a 1099 relationship based upon the type of employment.

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DAILY MEMBERSHIP service fee is $5 per day. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP is $120 per year. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP is a one-time $300

For more information contact Ed Kugler at,
or  847-561-1302

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